10 Survival Tricks Everyone Should Know

If you listen to or read the news you know that things are pretty scary out there.  Numerous countries are dealing with terrorist attacks, economic collapse, and political instability.  Add to this, the unpredictability and and risk of natural disasters and you have the perfect recipe for major stress and worry in your life.

Better than to be immobilized by fear, why not set yourself up for success and prosperity by preparing for whatever may happen.  Ask A Prepper shares 10 survival tips that you may not have thought of.

#1. Hide valuables

You may want to bury valuables somewhere on your property.  You can create a reminder so that only you and your companions know the exact location easily. Take a photo of your companions standing on the spot where you’re supposed to dig. Make copies of the photo and have everyone keep it in their wallets and bug out bags. No one will ever know or be able to guess the true purpose of those photos.

#2. Get Fit

Bad situations always bring out the worst in people. You will probably need to fight one or more attackers one on one eventually. To save your life you must be able to outperform others. You never know if you may need to carry an injured loved one to safety. All of these tasks will require strength, flexibility, speed, and stamina.  Jogging, hiking, and going to the gym will all improve your physical fitness.

#3. Move Out Of The City

What always happens during riots is that the cities downtown area turns into a war zone. That’s why it’s the last place you want to live. You won’t be able to get in and you won’t be able to get out meaning you might get stuck inside for days, maybe even weeks. Even worse, you could get attacked and injured trying to get home.

#4. Smart Way To Rotate Your Food Stockpile

If you stockpile some of your food under your bed, there’s an easy little trick to keep it rotating. Always deposit cans on one side of the bed and remove them from the other side. This process will push older cans through and cause you to take the oldest can when you want to use one.  You can rearrange your shelves for this process as well.

#5. Clean Your Teeth With Baking Soda

After a disaster maintaining good personal hygiene is going to be tough. This tip is for the most basic: dental hygiene.  Just mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with half a teaspoon of water until they start to form a paste.  Now dip your toothbrush inside and get to work!

#6. Trees/Plants

Most vegetation can be useful in some way, whether it is edible or you can make something from it. Just be careful and start learning about your local plant life to be able to recognize what is safe and what is poisonous.


#7. Escaping

You never know what can happen so you should learn and teach those around you some basic military SERE skills. SERE stands for survival, evasion, resistance, escape.

#8. Security

Western nations following a collapse will be looking at a life a lot like current day third world countries. Several of these countries are crawling with armed gangs, militants, and citizens fed up with crime. Some start forming community watch groups and security forces in an effort to fight back and protect their communities and children. Purchase security items that will help protect you and your companions.

#9. Opsec

Opsec stands for operations security.  I will give you the basic meaning.  Don’t say where, who, when, or why. Do not tell anyone anything that they do not need to know including friends or family members. You never know who will let something slip that could compromise your plans and security.

#10. Plan/Backup Plan

Do all of you reading this have a plan to reach your family or companions in case disaster strikes?  When SHTF it won’t wait for you; make sure everyone knows where to meet, how to get in contact, and the approximate time it will take. Don’t store all of your supplies in one location. What happens if someone finds it and you need to escape?  You never know what might happen so come up with a backup plan to your plan. And then another backup plan to your backup plan.

It is all well and good to hope you will never encounter an economic collapse, social unrest, or a natural disaster, but being prepared for any eventuality will give you confidence and peace of mind that you will be able to handle it as well as provide for and protect those you love.

So, even if you have thought of the above survival tricks, have you followed through?

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