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16 Creative Uses For Paracord You May Not Have Heard Of Yet

Alright, is there anything you can’t do with paracord?  Ha-ha.  We have all seen articles and lists with slight variations of how to use this versatile item, so I may only skim an article that mentions new ideas.

Well, there were enough creative uses in a new article over at Basis Gear that I thought it was worth sharing some of them that caught my eye.

1. Making Fishing Line

You’re hiking near a lake and you’ve decided it’s a good time to throw a line out for a catch, only to realise there’s no fishing line available, and all you’ve got is the paracord that’s holding your water bottle to your backpack.

Don’t worry, you can still throw that line out! All you’d need to do is strip off the cord exterior and pull out the inner strands which are perfectly suitable for attaching a hook.

2. Making A Leash

A project that loving pet owners are sure to enjoy. Personalize your dog-walking experience by making your very own leash out of a few yards of paracord. With simple attachments, such as metal or plastic clasps, the leash will be just as useful as any one bought from a store.

3. Making A Hammock

Having a hammock is never a bad idea. A good rest is what you probably need. Enhance your sustainability by weaving your very own with paracord!

4. Improvising Dental Floss (if you really have to)

It can get pretty annoying having something stuck in your teeth. Whether you’ve just had some meat, or perhaps some delicious fruit, and there’s no floss available to get those extras out, some handy paracord can help you all the same. Simply remove the yarns from the core to use as a floss substitute.

5. Repairing A Sail

If your sail’s got a hole, it could mean a major cause for concern. You probably wouldn’t have anticipated an unfortunate event such as this one, so you didn’t walk with a needle and thread to handle the situation. It’s more likely that you have paracord laying around, which can be used for its inner strands as sewing thread.

6. Tying Someone (a threat) To A Tree

Let’s say you’ve discovered an intruder in your home, you get into a scuffle and have successfully taken them down. Are you going to have them pinkie-promise you that they will calmly await the arrival of the authorities? I sure hope not! Use the cordage to make handcuffs or securely tie someone up.

7. Creating Pulley Systems

Lighten your work load by creating a pulley system. Parachute cord is ideal for such a system as its durable nature will prove very efficient in the lifting of heavy objects. Of course, the amount of cordage required will vary depending on the size of the load to be lifted.

8. Making A Pet Collar

I bet your pet would love you more, or perhaps even become more obedient if it knew it was wearing a home-made collar! Sometimes the collars found in stores may not quite fit our taste. If you’re thinking about making one of your own, you can’t go wrong with using this hard-wearing material.

9. Making A Sling

Yep. A sling can be used to throw a stone.  A sturdy sling to throw rocks for defending yourself is extremely useful.

10. Making A Fishing Net

In case you’ve forgotten your fishing net, or would simply love the thrill of making your own, what’s better than using a material that’s made to last? Probably not the easiest project in the books, but definitely one that’s worth it if you plan on bringing home some salmon or catfish!

11. Headband or Hair Tie

That’s right, paracord can also be used to make a fashion statement! Tired of ribbons and bandanas? Use paracord to achieve the same effect by stylishly tying your hair with home-made bands and ties in colors of your choice! It’s bound to give the ladies a trendy look, and suitable for long-haired males too.

12. Improvise A Candle Fuse

If you’re relying on an oil lantern to provide light, and its fuse is all burned up, what will you do? Naturally you’ll think about getting some more, right? If you’ve got paracord handy, bear in mind that it burns very well and is a suitable substitute fuse should you need one.

13. Making A Tire Swing

Do something fun for the kids or yourself! Whether you’re in the wild or at home, with children in the picture, pretty soon you’ll need a cure for boredom. Ask them to help you as the idea alone is bound to get them excited beyond containment. With a strong enough branch, paracord can easily support a tire swing.

14. Make An Improvised Stretcher

Be prepared for an emergency medical situation, this project is just as important as making a hammock. By lashing poles together and attaching a pre-made net, it can be a real lifesaver in a tight spot outdoors.

15. Rifle Sling

Resilient enough to support an ak-47 on your shoulder, don’t think twice to use this cordage for secure and convenient rifle carry on a range trip! Just as useful for a hunter in an outdoor setting, it’s a perfect substitute with a comfortable feel.

16. Lashing or Whipping

In this video I will show you how to make a 6 foot, 12 plait, shot loaded, paracord bullwhip with 2 plaited bellies.


Well, quite the list!  Have fun.

For even more ideas, check out the full article at:

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