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2 Old Appliance Motors Given New Lives As DIY Generators

Backup power sources are a constant concern when planning for any potential disaster.  This is understandable due to how much of our lives are dependent on the ready availability of electricity.

Solar power is becoming more popular as the technology improves and prices come down.  Many people have backup generators, which are great as long as there is plenty of fuel available.  But there are plenty of SHTF scenarios where fuel becomes a scarce commodity.

Below are two version of hand crank generators from scrap appliance motors.  Recycling common appliance parts is perfect for supplying power or charging batteries at a remote campsite or retreat.

The first video shows how to build an incredible hand crank generator from a salvage dishwasher motor.  It is a detailed description with a lot of technical electronics components, but the capacitor backup is awesome as you will have some stored power at your disposal without having to hand crank.

Oh, yeah, this one could also be adapted to be powered by a bicycle – allowing you to generate power while getting a bit of exercise in!


This second version features a much simpler design of a hand crank generator made from a microwave oven motor.  It looks really easy to put together (a bit more my style than the first one above) and works like a charm for low power needs.


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