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6 Websites To Buy Bulk Survival Gear

In our efforts to be prepared for potential disasters, we are constantly looking at how we can do so without breaking the bank.  Buying online is a proven method for saving money over buying down at the local store.

In addition to looking for sales, depending on your needs, consider stocking up on survival gear by buying in bulk.  Buying in bulk often involves getting a discount.  A local store may not offer this discount, but online wholesale companies will.

American Preppers Network shares 6 different online resources where we can buy bulk survival gear.

DollarDays – On their website you’ll find essential gear such as waterproof matches, Mylar blankets, and medical supplies. While the options available are not as great as some other locations, if you need the basics, this is a great place to start.

Overstock – Overstock offers everything from medical supplies to camping gear to sanitation equipment to emergency power and more. Overstock even offers free shipping to the Continental U.S for any orders over $45.00, allowing you to save a little bit more money.

Best Glide Aviation Survival Equipment – Sometimes you need more specific survival gear.  On their website you will find supplies such as parachute cords, tracker buttons, and pre-made survival kits designed for the wilderness. If some of the larger wholesale chains do not have what you’re looking for, check out this one.

Bite The Bullet – With companies like Bite The Bullet you can buy bulk ammo online, and have it delivered directly to your door. Ammo is typically used when loading up your survival gear, and if you think you’ll need a lot of it, you’re better off buying in bulk to save yourself some money.

DHgate – DHgate sells products directly from Chinese manufacturers and a very low cost. We can’t speak to the quality of every product on this website, but if you really want to save money, then it is worth taking a look at. Just be sure you do some research into what you are buying.

Living Rational – A wholesaler for those of you that are representing companies, schools or other organizations. If, as a part of your emergency preparedness, you need to order survival gear in bulk, this is the site for you. Living Rational offers survival kits for people of all ages and sizes, along with equipment for disasters such as floods or earthquakes.

These six websites are just a starting point for purchasing bulk gear at discount prices.  A little time spent searching online could reveal many more options.  Happy shopping!

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