Bitcoin Investing

Bitcoin Investing – Getting Started with Coinbase – Day 1

Before you do anything at all you need to sign up for your Coinbase account and get some Bitcoin.

Nothing to worry about.  We have you covered.  Follow along with the four short videos on this page and you will be a proud owner of some cryptocurrency in no time.

Click on this link to sign-up for your Coinbase account and get Bitcoin.

Let’s get you some Bitcoin. One of our top recommendations for purchasing Bitcoin is a site called Coinbase. They have a number of different options to pay and are available in many countries and states.

Sign-up at Coinbase


Coinbase Payment Options

Continuing with the purchase of Bitcoin over at Coinbase. Payment options include credit/debit card (good for smaller purchases), Bank ACH transfers, and wire transfers. You have gotten the ball rolling by setting up your account – so time to keep up the momentum by setting up your payment method.


Secure Your Coinbase Account

Online security is of the highest importance – Coinbase recognizes this and implements additional account authorization methods to secure your account. Follow the simple steps in this video to ensure you are the only one to have access to your Coinbase account.


Buy Bitcoin

Okay, all the work is done and now it is time to have some fun. Your account is set-up and secure, so let’s buy some Bitcoin. You will see how easy it is and feel a sense of accomplishment after seeing the Bitcoin appear in your account.



Just do it.  Click on this link or on the Coinbase screen image below.


You are on your way!  Find out what to do with your Bitcoin – Click this link to find out how to buy BTC Packages at USI-Tech and start earning a fantastic passive income.

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