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Bitcoin Volatility – Time to Be Scared or Time to Buy?

We have seen more volatility in the cryptocurrency market this month, and the main stream media is once again running around telling everyone that the sky is falling.

Most people that have been involved with Bitcoin for any length of time has seen this before.  On top of this, everyone knows that no market goes straight up forever.  There will always be corrections, and if the trend remains strong, then a resumption of the upward price action.

I wanted to share a video that puts December 2017 correction in perspective.  Just about everyone that has owned Bitcoin for longer than a month or so is still in a profitable position.  In fact, Bitcoin has already bounced off the recent low to above $16,000 again.

If you have been scared to enter the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency market, then watch this video to understand the long term trend.  Then decide for yourself whether you want to take a small risk for potential life changing gains.



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