Computer Virus Can Infect Your PC Even If You Do Not Click On A Link

We all know how creative and persistent computer hackers can be.  And no matter how good your anti-virus software is, it is always playing catch-up with the hackers.

The hackers are always in learn and improve mode.  They send out some malware, see how it performs and where it does not do what they wanted or is detected, and then they revise the software to address those shortcomings and re-release it.

Anti-virus software can only protect us from software that has been detected, identified, and an appropriate response developed.  So, by definition, the software can do nothing about a brand new virus because it has never seen it before and does not know it is a threat yet.

Yahoo Finance shares information about a brand new type of malware that is triggered by simply passing your mouse over or hovering over a link, rather than the more common clicking on the link.

According to researchers from Trend Micro and Dodge This Security the technique was used by a recent spam email campaign targeting companies and organizations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The emails’ subjects were mostly finance-related, such as “Invoice” and “Order #,” with an attached PowerPoint presentation.

The PowerPoint file has a single hyperlink in the center that says “Loading… please wait” that has an embedded malicious PowerShell script. When you hover your mouse pointer over the link, it executes the script.

The downloader can install a Trojan virus into your system to steal your credentials and bank account information the moment your mouse pointer hovers over the link.

The article goes on to say that new versions of Microsoft Office does require an additional “approval” from the user when the script starts running, which should keep it from infecting your computer.  But in any case, be careful out there.

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