Even You Could Learn Morse Code In One Of These Three Ways

More than 100 years ago Samuel Morse invented the telegraph and Morse code was developed as a method of transmitting text information.  With advances in communication and technology, Morse code has slowly faded.  But it is not hard to imagine that in a TEOTWAWKI scenario the knowledge of and ability to use Morse code could come in handy.

Not only can Morse code be transmitted, but the signals can also be transmitted via flashes of light.  In fact, I re-watched the movie “Hunt For Red October” the other night, and if you remember, the American submarine made initial contact with the Red October via Morse code and their periscopes.

Morse code can be easily learned by just about anybody, but the easiest way to learn it may differ depending on the way you learn best.  Following are three methods for learning Morse code.

1. Our friends over at Survivalized created a fantastic infographic that illustrates the alphabet in Morse code.


There are only 26 letters, so with a little studying you will eventually become quite proficient.  Like any language though, it will help to continually use it.

2. The second way to learn Morse code and ingrain it even more is to listen to it in addition to reading it:



3. I have often wondered about how we are able to remember songs from so long ago, and also the incredible number of songs.  I wish I could remember other things as well.  This just reinforces the importance and synergy involved in mixing words with music.

So, for those of you that swing this way, check out the following jingle.  You may even find yourself singing it the next time you are in the shower.



The ideal way to learn the Morse code alphabet is to listen and tap out the letters.  Reviewing the infographic and watching the videos will help.  Follow along and then start spelling out your own words and sentences.

In the event of a SHTF crisis, communication will be one of the keys to survival.  Morse code does not require the technology that other communication methods do, so it remains one of the critical survival skills to master.

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