Bitcoin Investing

How Bitcoin Works

Over the past few months I have been researching Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and am convinced that there is a monumental shift taking place in the financial world.  Even bigger is the impact of the underlying technology of the blockchain.

I plan on devoting more of my time and effort on these important developments.  Along those lines, my focus on this website and the “How Safe Are You?” Facebook page will transition to more financial security issues.  I am coming to feel that financial security is the cornerstone to all things safety, survival, and preparedness related.

Without financial security, freedom is lacking.  It is harder to prepare with the proper equipment, food, and other supplies.  If you are truly in a survival situation, wouldn’t you like to have the best survival gear, supplies, and tactical weapons that money can buy?

I hope you will stick with me and let me be your guide in this somewhat hard to define, seemingly magical, yet oh-so-important technology advancement.  Hold on, because it is going to be an exciting (and potentially bumpy) ride.

Today, let’s cover Bitcoin. Following is a good video explaining the decentralized nature of Bitcoin and why it is such a game changer.


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