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How Hackers Crack Your Passwords And How To Protect Yourself

One of the big deterrents to going totally digital is your online security.  Some of the biggest, high-tech, supposedly security conscious companies have been hacked, so what chance do we have.  Well, a couple of things.

First, big time hackers prefer to go after big companies because the reward is potentially so big.  Millions of accounts may be accessed rather than just one if they were going after you individually.  I personally think that there is an ego component to it as well.  Pretty cool to hack VISA or the FBI rather than John Doe down the street.

One of the biggest things that security experts recommend is to not use a simple password, and certainly do not use the same password for multiple systems/accounts.  The following video describes some of the methods hackers use to figure out your passwords.  With the computing power available these days, it makes it easier all the time for hackers.



So, what can you do about making your passwords and therefore your accounts more secure?  It may seem almost impossible, but there are things you can do to make your information a little harder to access, and thus a little less attractive to a hacker.  A famous hacker gives his recommendations in this video:


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