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I Never Knew They Were Called Porch Pirates

We have had a rash of packages stolen from front porches in my neighborhood lately.  I just found out last night that the term “porch pirates” is used to identify these low-lifes.

Most people participate in a neighborhood watch group and share information about what is going on.  Turns out that often times the pirates are caught on video, but for various reasons, it is not possible to identify the culprits.

Often times they are wearing hats or hoods, and make a point of always looking down.  So, with the security cameras often mounted high up, all that gets recorded is the top of their head.  Occasionally a car is also caught on camera, but you usually only get a side view of the vehicle, which means no license plate number.

This may be an important issue for many of us preppers, as we are often receiving packages of supplies and gear that we have ordered online.  There are a few things you can do to protect your packages.

Amazon has their new “Locker” service, which is pretty convenient.  You could have packages delivered to your office rather than your home.  Friends and neighbors could pick up packages and hold them until you get home.  This has the added benefit (I have found) of sometimes getting gifts from the neighbors that you helped out!  Ha-ha.

Of course, where there is a need, you can expect someone to come up with a solution.  Check out the video below for a high-tech gadget that could be useful.


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