Is It Possible For Those Of Limited Means To Be Preppers?

A lot of people might not get into prepping because they feel they can’t afford it.  While it is true that many survival and prepper gear that gets recommended is not cheap, there are things that people with limited means can do to help them feel safer now and in the event of an emergency.

In the end, what makes some modern survival gear so expensive is the convenience factor of having someone else make it, high tech construction, lightweight materials, etc.  If anyone is looking to save money, they can do more themselves and fall back on basics and still be ready for SHTF.

Modern Survival Blog posted a couple of articles that discuss things that people of low income can do to start or continue prepping.

  • Acquire survival & preparedness knowledge (Library, Internet)
  • Research your area for foraging types of foods
  • Become proficient as a gardener (seeds are cheap)
  • Become proficient with food preservation (e.g. canning)
  • Save all plastic water, juice, pop bottles, etc and fill with water
  • Free 5-gallon buckets & lids at grocery stores, bakeries, donut shops
  • Save your food jars/lids from spaghetti sauces, pickles, etc. for storage of ‘things’
  • Check local paper or Craigslist for free stuff
  • Buy a few extra cans of food each grocery store visit
  • Always look for the items on saleBarter and Trade for stuff
  • Before you throw anything away, ‘think’, “What else could I do with it?”
  • Visit yard/estate sales, you might find ‘treasure’
  • Visit thrift stores for great deals (clothes and all else)


They go on to list several skills that folks who lived through the Great Depression had.  In a TEOTWAWKI scenario the skills that were required to survive the Depression era, when many were forced into the ranks of the poor, could also apply.


Perhaps the most learned skill during the era of the Great Depression was that of frugality. Frugality in all things.

People had no choice but to make do with very little. They managed to survive. The things we throw away today or the things we take for granted would be treasured and used to its fullest back then…

Every scrap of food. Everything. Every part was used to its fullest potential.

Frugality was a necessity of life. Nothing at all was thrown out.  They would improvise, adapt, and overcome.

A mindset.

Homesteading and Farming Skills

The farm was a place where resources and nothing went to waste. The cows, chickens, livestock were mostly fed from the food that was grown on the farm as much as possible. Old bread, corn cobs, apple cores, and other kitchen scraps were fed to the hogs. Then the livestock’s manure was collected and used to fertilize crops.

The farming lifestyle was self-sustaining. Gardening. Food preservation. Outdoor skills. Animal husbandry. Butchering. It involved many and countless hands-on skills from building fences to successfully growing foods to managing livestock, and everything in-between.


A good handyman, someone with construction skills, someone who knew how to fix ‘anything’ so to speak, or patch anything up and make it work again, was someone who could perhaps occasionally find some work or trade his services for food or shelter for awhile


To fix machines, machined things, and/or vehicles. Someone who knows tools and has knowledge and skills using equipment like the lathe, the milling machine, the drill press, the saw, grinding, forging, welding, etc.. Knowledge of how vehicles work. Engines. Pumps. Hydraulics. And the tools to work with…

Health Care

There always was and there always will be those who need medical care. The field of health care, doctors, nurses, etc.. was and will always be a necessary service and skill(s).”

Following some of the advice above will allow anyone, even those with limited means to begin prepping.  In addition to acquiring things, the development of skills is something everyone can do regardless of income level.  And isn’t our knowledge and skill set the most important survival tools we possess?

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