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Survival Gear That Can Be Incorporated Into Items You Wear Every Day

There are a variety of items that have survival uses that can be worked into items that you have with you all of the time – your clothes.  With the purchase of a specialized piece of clothing or shoes, or a DIY modification of something you already own, you can be prepared when SHTF because you are actually wearing your basic supplies.

The Prepper Journal gives us some great ideas of where to hide essential survival items.

Razor Blades:

  • A simple sheath and these are easily stored in a wallet
  • Can be inserted into a slit in a leather belt
  • Under the insoles of your shoe
  • Sheathed and taped to the inside of a steel toe boot (helps with metal detectors and xray)
  • In a hollowed out sole or heel of a shoe
  • Behind a fancy belt buckle
  • Underside of a watch face
  • Part of a brooch or inside your name-tag

Razor Wire:

  • Long “noodle beads” can be used to protect ones skin and turn this into a necklace
  • Hollowed out heel
  • Inside a hollow purse strap
  • In a special groove inside a man’s ring
  • In a belt
  • Fishing Hook
  • encased in tear drop earnings
  • In/Behind pennants
  • Backside of belt buckles
  • Made into a Broach
  • Embedded in the brim of a hat
  • Inside a hair scrunchy (caution, best if used loosely over a rubber band bun)
  • Hollowed out shoe heel

Fishing Line, Rope, Paracord:

    • Simply sew into various items of clothing as a contrast stitch
    • Embroidery
    • Necklace
    • Bracelet
    • Inside hollow watches
  • Woven into a beanie
  • Braided into a belt

Fire Starter Rods:

    • Hollow tips of shoelaces
  • Dangle earnings
  • Pendant
  • Bracelets
  • Inside a Hollowed belt
  • Belt buckle
  • Inside wallet
  • Hollowed out heels
  • Replacing sections of underwire in a bra
  • Fastened to a barrette


Black Powder Vials:

    • Worn as pendants
  • Inserted into hollow chap stick or lipstick tubes
  • Inside the heel of a shoe
  • Attached to your key-chain
  • Inside empty travel sized hand lotion bottles
  • Inside empty travel sized toothpaste tubes
  • Taped to the backside of a large belt buckle
  • Simply slipped into a pocket/purse
  • Disguised as ornaments on the outside of a purse


Blow Gun Darts:

    • Attached to barrettes and bobby pins
  • Dangle earrings
  • Pendants
  • Broaches
  • Inside belt-loops
  • Part of the belt buckle
  • Inside a hollow belt
  • Inside the straps of a purse
  • Replacing part of the underwire of a bra
  • In your wallet
  • On a key-chain
  • Under the insoles of your shoes
  • In a hollow shoe heel
  • Decorations on a purse


Handcuff Keys:


    • Inside a slit on the back of your belt
  • On a Key-chain
  • Inside a hollow watch face
  • Inside a pendant
  • In a hollow belt buckle
  • Inside the hollow heel of your shoe


If somehow your EDC has been compromised and you are unable to gain access to your Bug Out Bag, then you will at least have something on you – literally.  You can come up with many other items you would like to have in addition to, or to replace something, on the this list.  But the above ideas should be a good start for you to get creative in your thinking about how to always be prepared – at least if you are not running around naked that is!

Original article includes some tips on how to hollow out a shoe heel to hide some of your gear:

Oh, yeah – disclaimer coming:

“Some of the items in the list could possibly be illegal to conceal in the manners suggested in your locality. Please use discretion when choosing the items to include in your EDC wear.”


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