Teenager Suffers Fatal Bear Attack During Race

Imagine training for an upcoming race, getting all prepared to compete in a trail run, enjoying the competition and the great outdoors, and then being attacked by a bear in the middle of the race!  What?!?  Okay, this is not very likely where you live, but this is unfortunately what happened recently in Alaska.

It was during the 29th running of the annual Robert Spurr Memorial Hill Climb outside of Anchorage.  The article from Yahoo News provides some disturbing details.

The race, which stretches between Anchorage and Girdwood, includes heavily wooded terrain and features a 3,400-foot vertical climb.  Dozens of Alaskans participate in the run each year.

A 16-year-old boy was killed by a bear during the race, according to Anchorage’s KTTU News. The teen’s name has yet to be released, but the Anchorage Police Department said the boy had sent a text to his mother during the race to tell her he was being chased by a bear.

The teen had been running with a pack of competitors who reportedly lost track of him at some point. Not long after he had separated from the group, another runner claimed he saw a bear circling the boy. Some of the competitors who had already finished the race went back into the woodland and found the boy’s body about a mile up the path, and a large black bear standing about 10 feet away in the brush.

“I’ve been running the mountains for 30 years,” Bard Percosky, the race director, told KTUU News. “People come down off the trail and say they’ve run into a bear. Sometimes that means nothing; other times it’s really serious. Like this.”

Amazing that he was able to text his mother while trying to evade the bear.

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