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USI-Tech Bitcoin Investing – Day 11

I think this is the fastest way to get into what Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) called the Investor Quadrant. It is the fourth quadrant. It elusive for most people to make enough passive income as an investor to really live off that and have freedom, but this is also moving you right away into the Business Owner/System Quadrant.

Definitely the highest leverage way to develop a passive income that he has ever seen. The volatility in the cryptocurrency markets is exactly what makes the opportunity at USI-Tech possible. So, don’t worry about the day-to-day fluctuations. Focus on the big picture, the longer term trend. Just get started – money loves speed!

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If you don’t have Bitcoin yet, then head on over to Coinbase at by clicking here.

What is arguable is which cryptocurrency is going to dominate and how blockchain technology is going to manifest into changing and impacting every area of our life and the way we do business. What isn’t in question is whether blockchain technology is going go impact every are of our lives and totally change the dynamics of how we do business. It definitely will. Bitcoin just happens to be the first, the biggest, and the most well known. So, it is time to take advantage of that fact while it is true.


To follow Mike’s progress – click here to proceed to the next video in this series to see where things stand after 13 days.

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