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USI-Tech Bitcoin Investing – Day 8

Day 8 shows some amazing progress. Mike has purchased more BTC Packages with his own money, but he has amassed a significant number of Packages through the re-investment of his return on capital and commissions.

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Playing around with the BTC Package Profit Calculator is loads of fun. Reminds me of the Albert Einstein quote: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” I have always enjoyed the “what if?” game myself. I have never seen anything like this, but I am really liking what I am seeing here.


Part 2 of the Day 8 Bitcoin Investing Diary is next.  The past day was epic in terms of growth and Mike shares a ton of great information, easily justifying a 2-parter…


To follow Mike’s progress – click here to proceed to the next video in this series to see where things stand after 11 days.

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