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Virtually Invisible Hidden Spy Camera

Technology continues to move at such a fantastic pace.  It is hard to keep up with things.  Turn around and something new has been developed or a gadget is now faster, smaller, and cheaper than the previous version.  It is a wonderful world that we live in.

Spy cameras is one such technology were innovations continue.  Yahoo Tech posts an article about what they consider to be the most covert hidden spy camera in the world.  Whether you are looking to keep track of your kids, a babysitter, or nanny at home, you can be certain that they will never detect that a camera is in the room.

Okay seriously, this is just brilliant. If you’re on the lookout for a spy camera that no one — and we mean no one — will ever find, this is definitely the one. The VERKB Hidden Spy Camera looks just like a normal little wall charger that you would plug a cord into to charge your smartphone or tablet. In fact, if you plug a cord into it and connect your smartphone or tablet, it will charge. But there’s also a hidden camera in there that films in 1080p and stores the footage internally. There’s 32GB of storage in the device that will save up to 4 hours of full HD footage.

Thanks to: www.yahoo.com/tech


You can also use it in your office, or even in a hotel room when you are traveling.  Users report that it is super easy to use and that the video quality is great.  Some product details directly from Amazon for the VERKB Spy Camera:


  • SUPER MINI CAMERA—Verkb spy camera lens is less than 0.059in, which is difficult to perceive.
  • CONTINUOUS RECORD—Just plug in plug base, the recording begins, it will record the video continuously and simultaneously.
  • 2 IN 1 DESIGN—Adapter with the camera, you can charge your smartphone and record video at the same time.
  • HD 1080P—Built-in 32GB TF card, records 1080P video at up to 30FPS.  Maximum recording time is more than 4 hours. Loop recording automatically overwrites earlier files if the memory is full.
  • EASY TO USE—Just plug-in socket and start recording.
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