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Why Where You Store Your Laptop is More Important Than Ever

I am thinking that “hiding” our laptop in the wicker hamper where we store extra blankets and towels is not such a good idea any more!

This video shows a couple of laptops literally exploding – in one case multiple times.  Now, to be fair, it is the battery inside the laptop which is the culprit, but still.

There are numerous reports of explosions going back years for different brands of laptops.  On top of that, there has recently been the Samsung Galaxy Note explosions.

Many people have been injured and the explosions have resulted in a lot of property damage, such as house fires.  I also know for a fact that airports were specifically targeting the Galaxy Note in the security lines when I was traveling to keep them off their planes.

Bottom line is this is a real threat to your safety, and something that you need to pay attention to.

Check out the dramatic video:



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